"An Old Soul for The Neo Soul"
Minolta is an Eritrean-American poet, songwriter and producer born in Queens, NY. She recalls her earliest memories of vibrant city streets, Latin music late into the night, broken fire hydrants, gunshots and grandmas’ yelling to get inside before the porch lights come on. Her parents introduced her to music with Motown on an old record player. Immediately drawn to soul and smooth melodies, Minolta began singing and writing as a child. She describes Hip Hop music in the late 90s NY as a way of life and draws heavily on those experiences in her writing.
Minolta moved to Southern Pines, NC as a teenager, where she began playing guitar. The South helped her to identify a deep love of nature. She travelled alone in a converted SUV camper up and down the East Coast of America with an acoustic guitar and small djembe; writing and performing at open jams and drums circles. Back in New York she continued performing vocals with various indie bands at art collectives and warehouses across the city. Drawn by energy to Los Angeles, CA, she bought a one-way ticket and continued on her journey. Following an underground Hip Hop Show, Minolta met producer Sebastian Pringle of Crystal Fighters. Her melodic vocals and lyrical flows meshed well with his world dance music beats and they soon traveled to London to record.
In August of 2018 Minolta released “Hold My Beer” an in-studio freestyle which garnered support following a post on Instagram. Minolta then gained further notoriety after becoming a finalist in artist Desiigner's verse competition for his single “Overseas”. Her video gained near viral status reaching over 40,000 views. She then released her first singles “Toptop” and “L.S.D. (Love So Deep)” on all major platforms. In Early 2019 she released the self-produced “Cold Now”; intentionally unmastered, the track features raw Hip Hop vocals. Minolta recorded her latest single “The Comedown”, set for Release May 24th, with East Coast Neo Soul producer and social justice activist Karmal G.   
Currently based in Los Angeles, CA; Minolta is writing, recording and performing live at venues across the city. After being featured as an artist on the “Open Kanvas Application Tour” Minolta has performed at The Lash Social in Hollywood, You A Mic and A Light, Hot & Cool Cafe in Leimert Park, Flames V1 by Powrla, House Warning with Death Cat (A Punk Rock Show), The Zoo Fundraiser for Alexandria House, The Songwriting School of Los Angeles and more.